Bob Coant Photography
Specialing in wedding photography
"We were really strapped for finances for our wedding and Bob made it possible for us to capture our special day in photos. His work was as professional as any of the expensive photographers in our area. We are grateful to Bob and his wonderfully personable style and for his treatment of our wedding guests throughoput the entire day. We loved the fact that our guests could see the actual photos from our wedding AT THE RECEPTION just minutes after the ceremony. Thank you Bob!"

Brandon and Kristen

"Bob's unique style of how he allows the guests to get the same shots as he does was incredible. He realized that their snapshots were very important to them and made them feel like they were a part of our special day too. Seldom do you see professionals "share the stage" with the amatuers."

Jim and Jennifer

"We chose to have our wedding at my parents home because we just wanted a simple, yet elegant wedding. Bob Coant turned my parents backyard (and our wedding) into a professional outdoor studio with his fine work. We could not be happier with our photos and the music DVD of our wedding was an added surprise we had not planned on getting."

Saralynn and Adam

Our photographer cancelled on us just 6 weeks prior to our wedding and we were really stuck. We happened to see Bob shooting a wedding we attended and took a chance and asked him if he could possibly squeeze our wedding in. Just weeks later, Bob drove two hours one-way and did an ansolutely brilliant job photographing our wedding. He charged us MUCH less than we would have spent on the first photographer and ultimately, we are happy they cancelled on us!"

Robert and Bridget